Best Ladies Tailors Near Me with Prices

best tailor near me with prices
Best Ladies Tailors Near Me with Prices

Looking for the best ladies tailors near me with prices? your search for Best Ladies Tailors Near Me with Prices ends at Lantana Designer Boutique in Marathahalli, Bangalore, we specialize in custom fittings and expert tailoring for a variety of garments, ensuring each piece fits perfectly to enhance your style and comfort.Best tailors near me with affordable prices.

Best Ladies Tailors Near Me with Prices

Blouses Starting from ₹700

blouse price starts from 700
blouse price starting from 700 near me

Affordable blouse stitching starts from just ₹700, crafts from quality fabrics including cotton, silk, and synthetic blends. Our blouse tailoring feature a range of necklines, sleeve lengths, and back designs—from classic round necks to trendy halter styles and intricate back patterns. Perfect for complementing sarees and lehengas, these blouses showcase exquisite craftsmanship with details like embroidery, mirror work, or embellishments, ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions. Best Ladies Tailors Near Me with Prices for Blouses is below:

  • Blouses
    • Starting Price: ₹700
    • Fabrics: Cotton, Silk, Synthetic Blends
    • Styles: Various necklines, sleeve lengths, back designs
    • Details: Embroidery, mirror work, embellishments

Kurtis Starting from ₹700

best tailors ne me with prices for kurthis
best tailors to stitch kurthis for best prices

Explore stylish kurtis stitching starting from ₹700, designed for comfort and elegance in everyday ethnic wear. Made from fabrics like cotton, rayon, and blends, our kurtis come in various lengths and designs, including prints, embroidery, and embellishments like beads and sequins. They’re versatile enough for casual outings, office wear, or semi-formal gatherings, effortlessly paired with leggings, palazzos, or jeans.

  1. Kurtis
    • Starting Price: ₹700
    • Fabrics: Cotton, Rayon, Blends
    • Styles: Straight cuts, A-line, flared
    • Details: Prints, embroidery, beads, sequins

Salwar Sets from ₹900

Best Tailors Near Me with Prices for salwar
best tailors for salwar stitching near me for affordable price

Our tailors stitch salwar sets starting from ₹900, offers a versatile selection of traditional Indian attire. Craftes from cotton, silk, or synthetic blends, these sets range from everyday wear to festive designs with embroideries and embellishments, combining comfort with cultural elegance.

  1. Salwar Sets
    • Starting Price: ₹900
    • Fabrics: Cotton, Silk, Synthetic Blends
    • Styles: Everyday wear to festive designs
    • Details: Embroideries, embellishments

Best Ladies Tailors Near Me with Prices

Lehengas from ₹1500

lehanga tailor price from 1500
best price for lehanga stitching near me

Embrace traditional Indian fashion with lehenga stitching starting from ₹1500. Best tailors near me with price stitch a long skirt (lehenga), a blouse (choli), and a dupatta available in materials like georgette, silk, and synthetic blends. Whether for weddings or festive celebrations, our lehengas blend affordability with detailed craftsmanship, ensuring you look stunning without exceeding your budget.

  1. Lehengas
    • Starting Price: ₹1500
    • Fabrics: Georgette, Silk, Synthetic Blends
    • Styles: Simple to intricate designs
    • Details: Embroidery, embellishments, dupatta included

Best Ladies Tailors Near Me with Prices

Long gowns from 2000

long gown stitching starts from 2000
best tailors near me for lehanga with prices

long gowns stitching starts from just 2000 rupees, perfect for formal events, parties, and evening wear. These floor-length gowns feature various necklines and sleeve lengths, catering to diverse preferences. Crafted from premium materials like chiffon, georgette, and satin, they ensure a comfortable fit and graceful drape. Choose from simple designs to intricately embellished styles with sequins, beads, and embroidery. Affordable yet stylish, our gowns tailoring is popular among fashion-conscious individuals. Ideal for weddings, proms, and special occasions, they add sophistication to any wardrobe.

  • Long gowns
    • Starting Price: ₹2000
    • Fabrics: chiffon, georgette, and satin
    • Styles:Everyday wear to festive designs
    • Details: sequins, beads, and embroidery

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